About Us

The society (OGSB) was founded in the year 1972 and is registered with Government of Peoples’ Republic of Bangladesh. Like any other professional societies its activity was confined to seminar, symposium and conferences in addition to occasional social gathering. After Safe Motherhood Conference in 1987 the society redefined its role in Safe Motherhood and series of workshops were held to get the members involved in Safe Motherhood Initiatives (SMI). Since then, OGSB became a professional body supporting Government, Development Partners and NGOs in all technical issues in SMI, MNH, EmOC and Reproductive Health. OGSB has at the moment (30-11-2013) 1297 members working throughout the country.


  1. To maintain the honor and dignity of the people practicing this branch of medical science and to protect the rights, interests, and /or privileges of the members of the society.
  2. To provide expert professional advice to the Government or to other autonomous and social welfare organization involved in the care in maternal & neonatal health along with reproductive health (RH) in this country.
  3. To help new members in the establishment of their careers, and to help their families at the time of distress.
  4. To affiliate with other organizations with similar aims and objects at home and abroad working with the same aims and objectives.