Annual Report

The Obstetrical and Gynaecological Society of Bangladesh (OGSB) was founded in the year 1972. The society has a network of about 1300 members throughout the country. OGSB has Twelve (12) branches outside Dhaka and are actively functioning with a strong linkage with national head quarter.

Charge Handover


We took over the charge from the previous executive committee on 4th October 2013. We are grateful to you to choose us from the society members to serve you.

Sub committees & Task forces of OGSB

To enhance the activity of OGSB and to ensure participation of all members, a number of subcommittees and  task forces  of OGSB  have  been formed.  Sub  committees  are usually formed  to encourage members  to contribute  in uplifting the name of OGSB  by different research & project to improve the maternal and neonatal health problems of Bangladesh.


training centre has been furnished, class room & Dormitory for the trainee is developed on the 3rd  floor of the Hospital. This training centre of the OGSB Hospital has already been accredited by BNC.


OGSB Branch

The 11th Branch of OGSB (Narayanganj Branch) was inaugurated on 7th February 2013. Dr. Selina Ivy, Mayor, Narayanganj City Corporation was the Chief Guest, President & Secretary General of OGSB were the special guests in the inaugural session. Narayanganj branch also organized a scientific program. Three hundred participants attended the program.


Training  workshop  on  Hysteroscopy:
A  training  workshop  on  Hysteroscopy  was  held  in  BSMMU  on  22nd   November  2012. Eminent Hysteroscopic   surgeon  from  Pune  India  Dr. Mahajan Vinayak Bhimrao Padmashree was the resource  person.  This  training  program  was  coordinated  by  the Secretary General-OGSB. More than 200  participants registered for the program.  There was live demonstration & relay of the operation from the operation theatre.

Discussion meeting on OGSB Hospital


OGSB organized a discussion meeting in OGSB Hospital & IRCH on 23rd March 2013 at the venue . Dr. Makhduma  Nargis,  Additional Secretary and Project Director  RCHCIB  was present in the inaugural session as the Chief Guest. Dr. Md. Abdul Hoque, Program Manager, MNH  Services,  Dr.  Gonesh  Chandra  Roy ,  Addition  Secretary-IEM  were  special  guest. National Prof. Shahla Khatun, Chairman-OGSB  Hospital and IRCH chaired the session. Key note presentation  on activities  of OGSB  was presented  by Prof.  Latifa  Shamsuddin. Representative from different NGOs (IPAS, SHOPS, Engengerhealth,  CARE, DFID, Marie Stopes, Population Council, Pathfinder International senior & junior member of  OGSB) gave their opinion for the improvement of the hospital. A lively and interactive open discussion was held to increase the scope of improving the hospital activities.


Joining collaboration between SOGC & OGSB :


The Obstetrical and Gynaecological Society of Bangladesh (OGSB) and the Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists   of  Canada   (SOGC),   jointly   implementing   program partnership called  WATCH  to improve  the maternal  & Child  Health at 5 sub-districts  in Bangladesh  (Barguna sadar, Hatibandha, Chirirbandar and Jaldhaka & Dimla upazilas

As part of the WATCH project AIP TOT was held on October 21-24, 2012 at Conference Room, OGSB Hospital and IRCH, Plot no.6/1, Section-17 (Old Mirpur-13), Mirpur, Dhaka. OGSB organized an inaugural session on October 21, 2012 in the OGSB Hospital & IRCH at 9:00 am.


Safe Motherhood Day:


Safe Motherhood  Day was celebrated  by OGSB  with due honour  & solemnity  on 28th  May 2013. OGSB representatives participated in the rally arranged at national level from Shahbag. The rall y was headed by the, Honorable State Minister, Ministry of Health & Famil y Welfare,  Dr. Capt. (Retd.) Mozibur  Rahman  Fakir  MP.  Different  program  managers  of DGHS,    DGFP  & NGOs.  OGSB members,   doctors,   nurses   took   part   in   the   rally.   OGSB   members,   doctors,   nurses   NGOs, Representative  from  Mohila  Parisad,  RH  Step,  Naripakkho,  Ubinig,  HEAL,  CARE  Bangladesh, Teachers & students from Dhaka University gathered in front of the Shahid Miniar and took active participation in a discussion. They highlighted the important causes of maternal death & steps taken to reduce  it. Later  at 11:00  am to 2:00 pm free  consultation  was  organized  at new OGSB  Hospital, Mirpur & the senior members did 12 vaginal hysterectomy of free of cost on that day.


CME on Birth Defect


The first CME program was held on 3rd  June 2013 organized by the newly selected CME committee  of  OGSB.  The  committee  is  headed  by  Prof.  Firoza  Begum  and  members Secretary is Dr. Jesmine Banu in Milon Hall of BSMMSU on Birth Defect. The CME was chaired by Prof. Latifa Shamsuddin President-OGSB.

OGSB Chittagong branch organized a CME program on behalf of central OGSB on 22nd  of August at Hotel Lords Inn on IUGR. Among the participants there were three speakers from Dhaka and few members from central branch.  Prof. Firoza Begum,  Prof. of Fetomaternal Medicine,   Dept.  of  Obs/Gynae,   BSMMU   &  Prof.   Md.   Shahidullah,   Pro   VC,   Prof. Neonatalgoy, BSMMU were the main speaker. The speakers highlighted on different aspects of IUGR  & management  of IUGR Baby.  Then there was interactive  discussion  after  the presentation.


Savar Tragedy:

To support the victims of Savar Rana Plaza Disaster, OGSB issued a letter to all the branches of OGSB contribute for helping the injured people. All the branches responded spontaneously

& positively.    President  & Secretary  General  of  OGSB  went  to  Enam  Medical  College Hospital to console & identify the Need of the injured patients. The members suggested to open an account to manage such emergency.  OGSB has also sent medicine to the injured people & a fund of Tk 2,72,571/- has been deposited to the OGSB account.


40th AGM & 22 International Scientific Conference of OGSB


The 40th  Annual General meeting (AGM)  and 22nd  International  Scientific  Conference  of OGSB was held on 6th September at Ruposhi Bangla Hotel, Dhaka, Bangladesh. The theme of the scientific conference was “Impact of Disaster on Women’s Health”. About 800 participants from home and abroad participated in the Conference.


The  inaugural  session  started  at  7:00  pm  on  6th   September  2013.  The  Chief  Guest  of Inaugural Session was Prof. Dr. Syed Modasser Ali, Advisor to the Hon’ble Prime Minister. Dr. Capt. (Retd) Mozibur Rahman Fakir, MP, Hon’ble State Minister, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Government of People’s Republic of Bangladesh was the special guest.


Scientific session started from 8:00 am till 6:00 pm simultaneously held in 3 halls. There was a Memorial Lecture followed by Plenaries, SAFOG session, ICOG session, Policy session, Update sessions. There were a number of free paper sessions.


At 12:00 pm the AGM started & ended before the lunch break

There  was  a very important  Policy Session.  Dignitaries  from Ministry were present.  The theme of discussion in the Policy session was “Increasing Skilled Attendance  at Birth-the Challenges & Options”. Moderator was Dr. Ishtiaq Mannan, Save the Children International, Panelists were Ms. Niru Shamsunnahar,  MOH&FW,   Dr. SAJM Musa, DGHS, Dr. Sharif, DGHS,  National Prof. Shahla Khatun,  OGSB, Dr. A Shehlian Ahmed,  DFID, Dr. Kaosar Afsana,  BRAC,  Dr. AJ Faisel,  EngenderHealth  & Ms. Shomi Kaiser, Media Personality. There was a very lively and interactive session.


The  policy  session  was  followed  by ICOG  session.  The  speakers  discussed  on different aspects of PCOS in details. The Moderator of this session was Dr. Jaideep Malhotra from India.  The  SAFOG  session  was  on  “Management  of  Diabetes  Mellitus”  in  the  SAFOG region.


The conference ended with cultural program followed by dinner.

Pre Congress Workshop on Gynaecological Endoscopy:


Pre Congress Workshop on Gynaecological Endoscopy was held on 5th  September 2013 BIRDEM from 8:00 am to 6:00pm. About 105 participants registered for the Workshop & attended it. For hands on 9 participants joined the pre congress.

The surgeons performed  the surgery which was relayed  of the Auditorium.  There were 4 resource persons from India.

Dr.  Anshumala   Shukla-Kulkarni,   Dr.  Kushagradhi   Ghosh,  Dr.  Manjula  Anagani,   Dr. Diptendu Das & Dr. Jayita Chakrabart were the delegates from India. After the tea break the surgery started. They performed surgeries simultaneously in two theatres. Dr. Kushagradhi Ghosh started in the theatre with a TLH in a patient for chronic PID.


Post Congress Workshop on USG


Post Congress workshop on USG was held on 7th  September 2013 at Winter Garden of Hotel Ruposhi Bangla. About 220 participants registered for the workshop. Resource person from IAN DONALD.

There  are  4  presentations  on  the  Basic  aspects  of  USG  and  Advanced  USG.  This  was followed  by  Practical  demonstration  on  patients  &  there  was  an  interactive  &  lively discussion on the diagnosis of the cases demonstrated.


Globe-athon Bangladesh Rally 2013.

Bangladesh  Cancer  Society  in association  with  Obstetrical  and  Gynecological  Society of Bangladesh,   Dhaka  Medical   College,   National   Cancer   Institute   &  Research   Hospital (NICRH),  BSMMU,  UTFB, Oncology Centre, CCPR jointly organized  a rally which was held  on 29th  September  2013  from  National  Museum  Shabag  to  National  Press  Club  at 7:00 am. Honorable Minster  of Information  Peoples  Republic  of Bangladesh  Mr. Hasanul Haque Enu M.P. joined the Rally as Chief Guest.

Theme of this year was Walk to End Women’s Cancer. Globe-athon is a coalition of 80+ countries dedicated to unifying communities’ world wide to raise awareness, education, and research  on  Women’s  cancers. From  the  United  States  to  Saudi  Arabia,  from  Russia  to Antarctica, from Peru to South Korea, people from all over the world has joined in the first ever international relay. On September 29, 2013, participants in over 80 countries has made history by walking with millions of women and families affected by gynecologic  cancers. These cancers rob women of choices, of their identity as women, and rip families and relationships apart.


Report on Basic Ultra sonogram organized by OGSB


OGSB is committed to develop technical Skills of Doctors of Bangladesh. With this view in mind the training course initiated with Basics of Ultrasonography in Obs and gynae. This was a 5 days course organized by the society in collaboration with Bangladesh Society of Ultrasonography (BSU) from 29th September to 3rd October 2013 held at OGSB Hospital & IRCH, Mirpur, Dhaka, Bangladesh. National Professor Dr. Shahla Khatun, Chairman-OGSB Hospital  & IRCH enlightened  the ceremony  as chief  guest and  Prof.  Latifa  Shamsuddin, President,  OGSB,  Chaired  both inaugural  and  closing  session.  Professor  Parveen  Fatima, General Secretary, OGSB, Prof. Anwarul Azim, Prof. Rowshan Ara, Prof. Laila Arjumand Banu and  Prof. Shah Alam from OGSB and Prof. Mizanul Hasan, President BSU,  Prof. Atia

H. Jehan, Prof. Fauzia Moslem and Prof. Raihan Hussain from BSU ornamented the closing session.


Prof.  Laila  Arjumand  Banu,  Chairman,  training  section,  OGSB  presided  over  the  whole program and Prof. Dr. Fatema Ashraf, member secretary of training section conducted the 5 days session.


Total 28 participants  registered  and it was an excellent  training program  conducted  by a highly efficient and devoted team of Ultrasonologist from BSU. There were hands on training along with theoretical discussions.


The workshop was very successful and the participants were highly satisfied with it. At the end of the program Certificates were distributed among the participants.



Postgraduate Orientation Courses:

A Task force was formed for the postgraduate Courses by the Senior member of OGSB . The Task force is now conducting a weekend  course on each Friday & Saturday for the post graduate students twice a year. The last course was held at OGSB Hospital & IRCH, Mirpur, Dhaka. Members of the different institutes are also conducing short course in their respective Medical College regularly twice a year.


Monthly clinical meeting

Monthly clinical meeting is organized by the Scientific Committee of OGSB on the last working day of every month and different interesting topics in Obs & Gyane presented & discussed in every meeting.


International Conference


4th ISOFS Congress 2012

International   Society   of   Fistula   Surgeons,   Obstetrical   &   Gynaecological   Society   of Bangladesh (OGSB) & Bangladesh Association of Urological Surgeons jointly organized 4th ISOFS Conference 2012 on November 15-16 at Ruposhi Bangla Hotel, Dhaka, Bangladesh.


55th All India Congress of Obstetrics and Gynaecology (AICOG)

55th All India Congress of Obstetrics and Gynaecology (AICOG) was held in Varanasi, There was a panel discussions on “Improving Maternal Health in South Asia”. From Bangladesh Dr. Kamrun Nahar & Dr. Saria Tasnim attended the program.


XX FIGO World Congress of Gynecology and Obstetrics

XX FIGO World Congress of Gynecology and Obstetrics was held in Rome, Italy from 7-12th October, 2012. Fifty participants from Bangladesh attended the Congress. Many of the participants presented paper in the conference in plenary, free paper and poster session. From Bangladesh Prof. Latifa Shamsuddin,  President  & Prof. Kohinoor Begum, Immediate Past President of OGSB attended the General Assembly. Prof. Kohinoor Begum has been awarded the, “FIGO Awards in Recognition of Women Obstetricians/Gynaecologists”  by FIGO for

2012 for her outstanding contribution in Obstetrics & Gynaecology for the Hospital & Community  level  the  rural  people.  Dr.  TH  Johra  Moon  Moon  received  the  award  for Fellowship Programme from the Italian Society of Gynaecology and Obstetrics (SIGO) for promoting Women’s Health in developing countries at FIGO.


9th SAFOG Conference-2013

9th  SAFOG Conference-2013  was held in Agra, India from 28th  February3rd  March, 2013. One  hundred  and  fifty participants  from  Bangladesh  attended  the  Congress.  Prof.  Latifa

Shamsuddin, President, Prof. Parveen Fatima, Secretary General, Prof, Ferdousi Begum, Past

Secretary  General  &  Prof.  Rowshan  Ara  Begum-  President  Elect  –OGSB  attended  the

Council Meeting held during the SAFOG conference

I would  like to  thank  all the  OGSB  members,  member  of the Executive  committee  and Subcommittees members and those who have worked hard to make effort of OGSB over last one year and to make this conference successful & a very sincere thanks to all the participants whose presence has encourage us to continue with our work.


XXIII Asia & Oceania Congress of Obstetrics & Gynaecology -2013

23rd  AOCOG-2013 was held in Bangkok, Thailand from 20-23rd  October 2013. About 60 participants along with accompanying persons from Bangladesh attended the Congress. The

inaugural began at 5:30pm on 20th October 2013. It was a very gorgeous event. The inaugural

session was followed by  dinner. Many of the participants presented paper in the conference. Some of our senior members Chaired the different session. AOFOG General Assembly was held  on 22nd   October  2013  Prof.  Latifa  Shamsuddin,  President-OGSB    & Prof.  Parveen Fatima Secretary General-OGSB attended the General Assembly. AOFOG Council meeting will  take  place  on  20th   October  &  23rd   October  2013..  From  Bangladesh  Prof.  Latifa


Shamsuddin, President-OGSB,  elected as Council member for the year of 2013-2015. The closing session held on 23rd October 2013.

Prof. Parveen Fatima

Secretary General-OGSB