OGSB Constitution

Memorandum of Association and Bye – Laws
The Obstetrical and Gynaecological Society of Bangladesh (OGSB)

Name:The name of the society shall be - “The Obstetrical and Gynaecological Society of Bangladesh (OGSB)

  1. Registered Office: The registered office of the society shall be situated at Dhaka
  1. Aims and Objectives of the Society
  1. To provide an organization for the benefit and services to the patients sufferings from various obstetrical and gynaecological problems
  2. To promote the maternal and women’shealth, to educate and motivate the public for the reduction of maternal morbidity & mortality
  3. To help in the study and research in Obstetrics and Gynaecology especially in relation to the situation pertaining to Bangladesh
  4. To maintain the honour and dignity of the people practicing this branch of medical science and to protect the rights, interests, and  privileges of the members of the society.
  5. To create and maintain a spirit of solidarity, unity,co-operation and fellow feelingamong all the members of the society, as well as those practicing other branches of medicine.
  6. To give expert professional advice to the Government or to other autonomous and social welfare organization involved in the care of the women of this country.
  7.  To help new members in the establishment of their careers, and to help their families at the time of distress.
  8. To affiliate with other organizations with similar aims and objects at home and abroad in order to streamline any effort for the betterment of this branch of medicine.
  1.  Methods


In order to attain the above objectives, the society shall:
  1. Arrange from time to time lectures, demonstrations, seminars, conferences etc., for the members of the society as well as for qualified persons practicing allied branches of medicine.
  2. Maintain an office, library, reading room and other recreational facilities for the members.
  3. Consider and express its opinion regarding laws proposed to be promulgated by the government when those laws involve the specialty of obstetrics and gynaecology.
  4. Encourage research by establishing grants, fellowships, scholarships, medals, prizes etc.
  5. Periodically publish a medical journal of the society.


Articles of Association


In this article of the society (where not repugnant to the subject of the context) the following words and expressions have the meaning hereinafter assigned to there respectively:-
“ The Society” means the ‘The Obstetrical and Gynaecological Society of Bangladesh”
“ The regulations” means the regulations contained in these articles of the society, with such modifications thereof and additions thereto as may from time to time be enforced.
“ The bye-laws’ means the by-laws set forth in the schedule hereto, other bye-laws of the society adopted from time to time.
“ The Executive body” means the governing body of the society.
  The “Journal” means the Journal of the society to be published as hereinafter provided.
“ Branch” means a branch constituted as hereinafter provided.
 Patrons means Persons of great eminence and those who can help the society significantly be nominated as patrons of the society. This will be decided by the executive     committee of the society.
2. Membership
  1. Ordinary membership:
Ordinary membership of the society will be open to Medical Graduates who possess qualifications from any University which is recognized by the Bangladesh Medical and Dental Council (BMDC) and has postgraduate degree or diploma in Obstetrics and Gynaecology recognized by BMDC as specialist degree and eligible to act as Consultant in a Hospital or a Teacher in the Medical Institution i.e. FCPS, MCPS, DGO, MS, MRCOG, or any other degree/diploma in Obstetrics and Gynaecology recognized by BMDC.
  1. Life membership:
Life membership will be offered to those ordinary members who wish to become life members by donating a lump sum amount instead of yearly subscription as decided in GeneralMeeting.
  1. Honorary membership:
The society shall elect from time to time as Honorary Members, persons of great distinction who directly or indirectly help in the propagation of the specialty. The member so elected shall enjoy such privileges as may from time to time be conferred on them by or under the bye-laws.They shall not have the right to vote in election for office bearers and shall not be able to hold office
  1. Corporate/Associate member:
Should be offered to persons who are not directly practicing obs/gynae but are interested to be associated with the society.
They shall not have the right to vote in election for office bearers and shall not be able to hold office.
  1. Register of membership:
  1. A register of membership shall be maintained at the registered office of the society which shall contain the name, address, qualification and designation of the members which columns for changes in address and qualifications.
4. Selection of membership:
         Selection to membership shall be governed by the laws in existence and according to changes formulated in the general meeting from time to time.
5. Mode of selection of membership
Each applicant shall apply for the membership of the society in aprescribed form, the applicant being duly proposed and seconded by two members of the society who know the candidate personally together with all relevant documents. The application shall be considered and has to be accepted by the membership committee for the final election to membership.
6. Membership Fee :
The subscription for membership shall be as follows:
  1. General  membership  Fees currently -----Tk. 1000/year
  2. Life membership fee ----- Tk. 10,000.00 given in one installment
  3. But both may be changed according to the decision of the general bodies.

The accounts of the society shall be maintained from the 1st January to 31st Decembereach year and account shall be opened in a scheduled Bank decided by the EC.

7. Privileges of the members: Each member shall enjoy the following privileges:
To receive the copies of journals of the society and other publications of the society free of cost or at a subsidized rate fixed by the society.
To use the library and recreational facilities to be provided by the society
To attend and take part in discussions at all academic meetings, lectures and demonstrations organized by the society
To vote for the election of the executive committee (Not applicable for the Honarary/Corporate members )
To participate in election as a candidate,as the office bearer or member of the Executive Committee of the Society. The same principle shall be followed for the election of the Branches of the Society also.
To enjoy all other privilege that may hereafter be provided by the society
Obligation of the members
Each member of the society shall:
  1. practice as a specialist within the bounds of medical ethics
  2. do everything in his/her  capacity  to promote the cause of the society and shall take active part in the activities of the society
  3. help the society with all sorts of investigation and research in which they may be called upon to participate.
  4. pay annual dues regularly
  5. inform the Secretary General about any changes in address and qualification so that the register may be kept up-to-date.
  1. Termination of membership:

Membership may be terminated

By resignation: A member at any time can resign his membership by giving a written application to the Secretary General with 30 days’ notices. The resigning member shall pay all outstanding dues against him and the Secretary General then should put up his application to the Executive Committee for necessary action.

Default in the payment of subscription :

- Membership dues should be paid within the first three months of the year. If any member fails to pay his/her subscriptions by the end of the year he/she shall be notified by a registered letterto pay his/her dues within next three months, failing which the EC may terminate his/her membership.


  1. Undesirable conduct:

If the conduct of any member be deemed to be prejudicial to the interest of the society or of medical profession the “Executive committee” (with the recommendation of branch executive committee if she/he is a member of the branch) may ask such member to submit a written explanation of her/his conduct. In the event of explanation being found unsatisfactory the member will be asked either to apologize or resign from the society. If the member agrees, his/her apology or resignation may be accepted. In the event of the said member does not apologies or not agreeing to resign or even refuses to submit an explanation to defend her/his conduct, an enquiry may be made giving her/him the opportunity to defend. If after due enquiry she/he is found guilty she/he may be expelled from the society.

  1.  Re-admission to membership:

Member, who has ceased to be a member, under rules9 (a, b), may be re-admitted on fresh application and on payment of the outstanding dues along with current re-admission fee.

11. Management:

Executive Committee:After taking into account all the changes that have been made from time to time, the current EC is composed of the following members:
    1. President
    2. President Elect
    3. Vice President (Dhaka)-2
    4. Vice President (outside Dhaka)-2
    5. Secretary General
    6. Treasurer
    7. Joint Secretary General
    8. Organizing Secretary – one from each division
    9. Scientific Secretary
    10. Cultural Secretary
    11. Entertainment Secretary
    12. Publication Secretary
    13. International Affairs Secretary
    14. Members (15)
    15. Immediate Past President
    16. Immediate Past Secretary General (for one term)
    17. All the Past Presidents shall be treated as members of Executive Committee without election.
The president elect would be elected along with the election of the other office bearers of the society for the current termand shall automatically hold the office of the President for the next term. The Executive Committee will be elected for a period of two years. No office bearer except members are eligible to be elected in the same post for more than one term.

Management of the society

  1. General body:

The formulation of the policy shall be vested on the general body which shall be the supreme body of the society. The general bodywill suggestthe guidelines on all affairs of the society. It shall ordinarily meet once a year at such date, time and place as shall be determined by the Executive Committee. For any important and national issues on medical problems, the general body meeting may be convened by the proper authority as per rule of the society.

Functions of the General body
  1. To make resolutions on any affairs for the interest of the Societywhich shall be binding on the Executive committee.
  2. To frame, alter and repeal the  rules and bye-laws of the society
  3. To frame, alter and repeal the rules and  administration of the society office, library and properties of the organization and nature of publications
  4. To discussany matter in the AGM which will be consideredfor the interest of the society or which is prejudicial to the interest of the society.
  1. Executive committee:

The control and management of the day to day affairs of the society shall be vested upon the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee shall be the controlling body and shall be the executive authority of the society and as such shall have the responsibility to carry on the policy and the program of the society as laid down in the General Body.

The functions andresponsibilities of the Executive Committee:

The Executive Committee shall direct, regulate and administer the general affairs of the society in accordance with the memorandum of Association and Articles of Associationand by-laws of the society.

The functions and responsibilities of the Executive Committee are:

  1. To meet as often as necessary. The meetings of the committee shall be convened by the Secretary General in consultation with the President.
  2. To consider the appointment and dismissal of the paid staff of the society on the recommendation of the Secretary General.
  3. To appoint sub-committees for specific purposes. The executive committee will have the power to co-opt any member of the society in the Sub-Committee.
  4. To appoint the editor of the journal for the current term.
  5.  To decide on taking  disciplinary actions against any member of the society
  6. To execute any matter adopted in AGM of the society
  7. To consider and decide the application for the affiliation of the branches.
(Formation of Branches: Branch of the society may be approved where there are at least 20 eligible members & they are willing to form a branch of the society.)
12. General Meeting
a. Ordinary meetings shall be called with 30 days’ notice by the Secretary General from timeto time in consultation with the president.
b. Extra-Ordinary meetings shall be called with 7 days’ notice by the Secretary General in consultation with the President for consideration of some matter of great importance. In this meeting only one agenda will be discussed.
c. Emergent meeting shall be called with one days’ notice by the Secretary General in consultation with the President to discuss some very urgent matter.
d. Requisition meetings shall be called within reasonable time by the Secretary General on written requisition from at least one third of the members of the society. The requisition must have specific agenda of such a meeting.
13. Annual General Meeting
The annual General Meeting shall be held once a year and the date and the venue of the meeting shall be decided by the Executive Committee. The notice shall be served to the members of the society at least 30days from the date of the meeting.
  1. The Secretary General shall submit annual report of the activities of the society before the house
  2. The Treasurer shall submit the accounts along with Balance sheet and budget of the society before the house.
  3. Auditors for auditing the account of the society should be appointed in the AGM
  4. New proposal for the amendment of the constitution may be considered in the annual general meeting. The proposal for discussion must be submitted to the Secretary General in writing at least one month prior to the date of the general meeting by any member of the Society. The proposal should contain the original constitution and the proposed modification.
14.  Notice for meetings
A. General Meeting
Proper notice ofthe meeting should be given to all members who are entitled to receive it. The period of notices should be as follows:
1.         Annual general meetings                     -           30 days
2.         Extra-ordinary meetings                      -           7 days
3.         Emergent meeting                               -           24 hours.


B.  Executive Committee Meetings– EC will meet as & when necessary
No notice will be necessary if an adjourned meeting is held within week.
15. Quorum
The Quorum for any meeting shall be 25% attendance of the members of the Society. No meeting shall be considered to be valid unless a quorum is present except adjoined meeting.
16. Minutes
The minutes of all meetings shall be recorded by the Secretary General in the respective minutes books, and the minutes shall be confirmed at the next meeting, and should be duly signed by President of the meeting. The resolution adopted at the various meetings should be entered in a separate resolution book. Copies of the minutes of the meeting may be posted in the website after being properly signed by the president & secretary general and after approval of the EC.
17. Funds
1. The fund of the society shall consist of subscription from the members, donations and income from any other source including CPD programs and Annual Scientific meeting.
2. All cheques should be payable to the Obstetrical and Gynaecological Society of Bangladesh
3. The fund of the society shall be deposited in a scheduled bank by the executive committee
4. The account shall be operated jointly by the President and the Treasurer, or the Secretary General and the Treasurer.
  1. Duties and responsibilitiesof the office bearers:
The President shall be considered as ‘Headof the society’ and shall perform the following duties
  1. Shall preside over all meeting of the Society.
  2. Shall preside over the Annual Conferenceorganized by the Society.
  3. In the absence of the president, one of the Vice President or any other senior member may be called upon to preside over the meeting.
  4. Shall regulate the proceedings of the meeting, interpret the rules and regulations of the society and decide any doubtful point.
  5. He/she shall sign the minutes of the meetings.
  6. Should check that the society is run in accordance to the laws in force.
  7. Shall have a casting vote in case of the equalities of vote.
  8. Shall be the Ex-officio member of all committees and sub-committees
  1. Vice President
The Vice-President shall perform all the duties of the President in his/her absence  or when requested to do so by the President
  1. In the absence of the President Vice-president elected from Dhaka may be called upon to preside over the meeting.
  2. In the absence of the President, Vice President elected from Dhaka and in their absence any  Senior Member may preside over  meeting
  1. Secretary General
Secretary General shall be considered as the ‘Chief Executive’ of the Society.
With the help of the office staff, the Secretary General shall perform the following duties
  1. Shall be in charge of the Office
  2. He/She shall call the meeting of the society in consultation with the president.
  3.  Shall conduct all the correspondence
  4. Shall have general supervision of the accounts, pass all bills or payments and sign cheques
  5. Shall attend meetings of the ‘General Body’ and ‘Executive committee’
  6. Shall maintain the minutes of the society
  7. Shall organize, arrange and convene conferences, training, lectures and demonstration
  8. Shall maintain a correct and ‘Up-to-Date’ Registers of all the members of the society
  9. Shall bring any matter which he/she considers necessary in the interest of the society to the notice of the Executive Committeefor guidance and decision.
  10. Shall inform the members about election and should notify the treasurer about any changes in address, resignation, death etc. of the members
  11. Shall help the Election Commission to conduct the election of the society
  12. Shall submit an annual report of the activities of the society at the end of the year in AGM
  13. Shall be an ex-officio member of all committees & Subcommittee.
Shall receive all the money on behalf of the society and shall make all payments as ordered by the Executive Committee keeping an account of all receipts and payments.
  1. Shall be responsible for collection of subscriptions of the members
  2. Shall be responsible for keeping up-to-date accounts of the society
  3. Shall get the accounts audited by the Auditors
  4. Shall prepare periodic statement of accounts to be placed before the executive committee
  5. Shall prepare an annual statement of accounts and balance sheet showing the financial position of the Society and get it to be audited by the auditors appointed at the annual General Meeting and put it for adoption by the general body
  6. Shall sign  all bills and vouchers and issue cheques and forward to the General Secretary of the society for countersign
Note:The bills and vouchers shall be placed in the EC meeting for approval. The account will be audited once a year by auditor appointed by the society. The audited account would be presented at the annual general meeting.
  1. Joint Secretary
Shall help the Secretary General in the management of the works of the society and should carry on the specific business of the society entrusted on him/her by the executive committee.
  1.  He/she is eligible to call a meeting with the consent of the President and will carry on the functions of the Secretary General in his absence.
Organizing Secretary
  1. Shall perform his/her activity jointly with Secretary in different organizational matter as assigned
  2. Shall take initiative for enrollment of new members
  3. Performed other duties as assigned by the Executive committee 
  4. Shall be responsible for organizing the society in different divisions and to organize clinical meetings, seminars etc. when these would be held in their areas.
  1. Scientific Secretary
  1. Shall conduct/ arrange and take necessary action inarranging all scientific seminar/workshop, local training/ other activity of the society as per directive of the executive committee.
  2. Perform other duties as assigned by the executive committee of the society .
All other secretary will perform their duties as assigned by EC.
  1.  Election of the Executive Committee
      1. The election of the office bearers and Members of the  Executive Committee of the society shall be held in every 2 years by secret ballot voting system by the Members of the society
      2. The Election should be conducted by an Election Commission appointed by the Executive Committee. The Election Commission will consist of three (3) members- one Chairman, and 2 members.The members of the Election Commission shall be debarred from seeking Election.
      3. The members who are enrolled before the date of declaration of election schedule will be eligible as voter. If anybody become member after the declaration of election schedule he/she will not be eligible for casting vote for that declared election. Voter list shall be published by the Secretary General 90days before the date of Election. After correction final voter list should be prepared by the election commission at least 60days before the schedule date of election.
  1. Appointment of Auditors:
The Auditor shall be appointed at the Annual Meeting of the General Body every year for auditing the accounts of the society
  1. Vacancies of office bearers:
The Executive Committee shall have the power to fill up vacancies of the committee that fall vacant between the tenures of two executive committees by election.
  1. Publication of the society:
The society shall bring out a transaction journal of the society as often as possible. An editor would be appointed by the executive committee for this purpose.  No report of the clinical meetings, discussions etc. of the society would be published in any other journal without the written consent of the executive committee.
23. Visitors
Any members of the medical profession can attend any scientific meeting of the society  after full filling the requirements. They would however have no right to vote or to take part in the discussion about the management of the society.
24.  Amendment to rules
Any proposal for the alternation and addition to the above rules, should be sent to the Secretary General in writing at least one month before the date of the annual general meeting and shall be accepted only if more than two-third of the members present in the AGM are in favour of the proposal.
  1.  Branches
For better attainment of the objectives of the society, the members residing outside Dhaka may form separate branches with the same aim and objective of the society.

Rules & Bye-laws

  1. Election
Bye laws: A notice  of the election stating the date fixed for the election shall be given by the Secretary General to all members of the Society not less than 60 (sixty) days before the election.
  1. No one is qualified to seek election who gets salary or honorarium from the funds of the Society. (Paid employee of the society should not be eligible for any elected post).
  2. The candidate for the post of office bearers must be a member of the society for at least one year’s standing at the time of nomination submission.
  3. The nomination papers in the prescribed form of the eligible candidates duly proposed and seconded by the bonafied members of the society must reach the election commission at least 30 (thirty) days before the date of election. The election commission shall scrutinize the nomination papers after the closing time of receiving of the nomination paper and publish the name of the candidates for election.
  4. Any candidate can withdraw her/his name from the candidature 20 (twenty) days before the date of election by submitting a withdrawal letter in prescribed form to the election commission.
  5. The final list of the contestingcandidates shall be published 15 (fifteen) days before the date of election by the Election commission.
  6. The voter shall mark the names of the candidates for whom she/he votes on the ballot paper (obtainedafter signing on the counter foil of the ballot paper).
  7. The Election commission shall scrutinize and count the votes in presence of the candidates or their agents after closing time of the election.
  8. The results of the election shall be declared by the Election Commission within 24  hours of ending of the election and the Counting of votes shall be started as soon as possible
  9. The newly elected members of the executive committee will take over their charge within 15(fifteen) days of declaration of election result by the election commission.
  10. The tenure of the Executive committee shall be for 2 (two) years starting from the date of 1st Executive Committee meeting. Forth coming election of the Executive committee should be held within the tenure of running EC.
  11. If under any adverse situation, the election of Executive Committee cannot be conducted, then tenure of the EC may be extended for upto six(6) months and this shall be approved in the next annual general meeting.