MCH Handbook & ECD


OGSB has developed a MCH Handbook for pregnant mother, which has been approved by the Govt. of Bangladesh in 2006. This MCH Handbook has been introduced in OGSB Hospital, Mipur since 2004. OGSB in collaboration with JICA has undertaken a project to implement MCH Handbook in 4 District level Mother and Child Welfare Centre (MCWCs) along OGSB Hospital, Mirpur. Already the MCH Handbook has become popular and largely appreciated by the pregnant mothers and the obstetricians in those hospitals. OGSB is planning to expand the program throughout the country.


OGSB took initiative the Early Childhood Development (ECD) program in Mirpur, Dhaka. OGSB has been running a facility based ECD Program in the Hospital. Now OGSB has been working on development of ‘ECD Hand Book’ to use both in facilities (OGSB Hospital) and community in the vicinity of that facility. This hand will be user friendly scientific tool for both clients and providers in ensuring proper ECD in our country. OGSB is going to implement a home based ECD program in Mirpur area as pilot. It is important to note that this home-based intervention package is first time introducing in Bangladesh by OGSB.